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The Flame-Friendly® series of grilling accessories conduct high, evenly distributed heat to cook your food but are lightweight and easy to clean. Grilli also worked in the private sector as managing director of the London office of Credit Suisse First Boston. Students are involved in the planning and execution of experiments, including data collection and analysis and the reporting of results. The Charcoal Companion® line of superior barbecue tools, baskets, grids, thermometers, and specialty grilling accessories are designed to meet every outdoor, and even indoor, cooking need.

Charcoal Companion has everything you would need for your barbecue and more! The Department of Ocean Engineering is located at URI’s Narragansett Bay Campus. The department often utilizes a 42-foot research vessel equipped with a fully integrated side-scan sonar and sub-bottom mapping system, and vibracoring and gravity coring systems. Finally, avoid the shifting and rolling you experience while carrying kabobs on a plate by using the tray to securely transport uncooked kabobs to the grill.

The facilities are available to undergraduates for course work, research, and independent study. Download the 2016 Charcoal Companion catalog.(PDF 8.5 MB). Charcoal Companion Catalog Detailed descriptions of the Charcoal Companion line of superior barbecue tools, baskets, grids, thermometers & specialty grilling accessories to meet every outdoor cooking need. Simply place your pieces of meat or veggies into the prep station’s channels, close the lid, and slide your stainless steel skewer through the guide holes.

The Department of Ocean Engineering offers a curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in ocean engineering, and is open to qualified students under the New England Regional Student Program. Experiments covering several basic areas are used to provide an integrated approach to investigations into ocean phenomena and processes. Stuff-A-Burger Press The inventive Stuff-A-Burger® Press creates delicious stuffed burgers with tender and tasty toppings on the inside. The Pit Mitt® is reversible for left or right hand and has a silicone textured surface for superior grip.

The series is eco-friendly, fireproof and thermal shock resistant up to 700˚F. They are a perfect choice for both the oven and the grill. Your skewers will be filled and ready to hit the grill! This vessel is used for both lab courses and research. A remotely-operated vehicle is operated by the department. A 100-foot tow and wave tank and a large acoustics tank are located on the Bay Campus, as well as an electronics shop, machine shop, and the Marine Geomechanics Laboratory.

Program Description. URI’s curriculum provides a basic ocean engineering program that gives students a firm base in engineering fundamentals and prepares them for direct entry into a professional career or continued study toward a graduate degree. Behaving ethically, contributing to society, participating in strengthening a diverse engineering professional environment, and succeeding in diverse workplaces, nationally and internationally. Additional program information can be obtained by contacting the department chairperson.

The exchange brought Afghan girls to the United States to play soccer and to return to Afghanistan as ambassadors for the sport. Flame-Friendly Ceramic Cookware Get the benefits of cooking with high heat without the weight or maintenance of cast iron! Grads Nominated by President Obama to Key Posts President Barack Obama has nominated Allison Macfarlane ’87 and Emil Kang ’90 to key administration posts.

This tray also makes it convenient to sprinkle on spices or drizzle on marinade, catching any excess. Macfarlane, a geologist, was tapped to chair the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A professor of environmental science and policy at George Mason University, she served previously on Obama’s White House Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, which studied nuclear waste disposal.

The required ocean engineering courses begin at the freshman level and include laboratory, analysis, and design courses. A strong emphasis is on the application of scientific principles in the ocean environment gained through laboratory courses. The Companion Group provides product information and images to assist retailers with merchandising and promotional programs. Computational facilities include the Ocean Project Center consisting of several personal computers and two laser printers networked and connected to the Engineering Computer Center (ECC). Extensive laboratory facilities are also available. Working in one of the specialty areas within the broad field of ocean engineering including ocean instrumentation, hydrostatics, ocean waves, underwater acoustics, marine structures, marine geomechanics, and ocean engineering design.

grilli catalogue pdf

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