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Модель: Canon EOS 650D Описание: Год выпуска: 2012 г. Тип фотокамеры: Зеркальная. Even if you shoot a movie while this icon is displayed, the movie’s image quality will hardly be affected. Based on the color temperature of the current white balance setting, the image will be bracketed with a blue/amber bias or magenta/green bias. Page 39 Shooting w iththe LCDMonitor (LiveViewShooting) You can shoot while viewing the image on the camera’s LCD monitor.

This adjustment will have the same effect as using a commercially-available color temperature conversion filter or color compensating filter. Инструкция по пользованию Sony HVL-F56AM 1,4 мб, PDF. Инструкция по пользованию Sony HVL-F58AM 5,2 мб, PDF. Инструкция по пользованию Sony HVL-F60M 16,9 мб, PDF. Рус., укр., рум., венг. яз. Page 35 Setting the Color Reproduction Range _ The range of reproducible colors is called the color space. Also how and when to use focus lock and back-button focusing.

Metering Range During Live View Shooting ®_ With E_3(evaluative metering) and E3 (center-weighted average metering), the metering range is almost the same as with viewfinder shooting. No consumer Useful Links You might also like… Please help us improve our service by completing a short survey based on your experience of the Canon Support website.

Manuals Loading… There are no Guides or Manuals available. The following AF methods are provided: [_ (face)+Tracking], [FlexiZone Multi] (p.155), [FlexiZone — Single] (p.156), and [Quick mode] (p.160). AF methods other than the [Quick mode] use the image sensor to autofocus while displaying the Live View image. Инструкция по пользованию Sony HVL-F43M 15,2 мб, PDF. Рус., дат., чеш., фин. яз.

Матрица формата APS-C CMOS с разрешением в 18 мегапикселей в сочетании с мощным процессором DIGIC V дают возможность получить снимки высокого качества. Page 50 Changing the Autofocus Method (AF Method) ® If no faces are detected or if you tap the LCD monitor but do not select face or subject, the camera will switch to [FlexiZone — Multi] with automatic selection (p.155). Focus the subject. focus. Final image simulation for movie shooting ®… Page 74 Shooting Movies Shooting Still Photos While shooting a movie, you can also take a still photo by pressing the shutter button completely. Page 9 M» Manual Exposure You can set both the shutter speed and aperture manually as desired.

Set up and customize the advanced features of this dSLR to work best for the way you photograph. Page 73 Shooting Movies FinalI age simulation The final image simulation is a function that allows you to see the effects of the Picture Style, white balance, etc., on the image. Making it brighter: Hold down the … Page 14 Setting Exposure Compensation* Flash Exposure Compensation Set flash exposure compensation if the flash exposure of the subject does not come out as desired. This function is called Auto Lighting Optimizer. default setting is [Standard]. With JPEG images, the correction is done when the image… Page 20 Noise Reduction Settings _ High ISO Speed Noise Reduction This function reduces the noise generated in the image.

Each color can be corrected to one of nine levels. Page 56 Changing the Autofocus Method (AF Method) Quick Mode: AFQuick The dedicated AF sensor is used to focus in One-Shot AF operation (p.95), using the same AF method as with viewfinder shooting. Page 91 Movie Shooting Cautions White and Red Internal Temperature Warning icons If the camera’s internal temperature increases due to prolonged movie shooting or under a high ambient temperature, a white icon will appear. Page 8 Changing the Depth of Field Using the Built’in Flash To obtain a correct flash exposure, the flash output will be set automatically to match the set aperture (autoflash exposure). The shutter speed wiii be set automatically between 1/200 sec. — 30 sec. to suit the scene’s brightness.

Автофокусировка с 9 точками позволит избежать вам нежелательной размытости и искажений в кадре. Select the desired setting, then press <(_>. _y,,The setting screen closes and the menu will reappear. ®_ [Auto] For 1 sec. or longer exposures, noise reduction is performed automatically if noise typical of long exposures is detected. This feature takes effect only with the built-in microphone.

руководство canon 650d pdf

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