Canon ixus 60 manual pdf

Page 38: Continuous Shooting Super high speed SDC-512 MSH memory card (sold separately) newly formatted with low level formatting • This reflects standard shooting criteria established by Canon. Use the button to select an image to print ( press the button (… Page 18 Downloading Images to a Computer The following methods can be used to download images recorded by the camera to a computer. Images Select &… Page 25 Select & Transfer/Wallpaper Select FUNC./SET button). Select images to download and press the (or the FUNC./SET button). • The images will download. Original (Play) Menu See Menus and Settings Use the rotate and press Cycle through the 90°/270°/original orientations with each press of the FUNC./SET button.

Page 70 File and Folder Numbers Recorded images are assigned consecutive file numbers starting with 0001 and ranging up to 9999, while folders are assigned numbers starting with 100 and ranging up to 999. Up to 2,000 images can be saved into a single folder. Page 116: Camera Care And Maintenance Never use synthetic cleansers on the camera body or lens. If dirt remains, contact the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed on rear of the European Warranty System (EWS) Booklet.

Page 56: Adjusting The Tone (white Balance) Adjusting the Tone (White Balance) Normally, the (Auto) white balance setting selects an optimal white balance. Page 14 Settings for the shooting or playback modes or such camera settings as the print settings, date/time and sounds are set using the FUNC. menu or the Rec., Play, Print, Set up or My Camera menu. FUNC. Menu This menu sets many of the common shooting functions.

Display a movie and press Images with a movies. Create New Folder Auto Create Creates a folder the next time you shoot. (Set up) Menu Folder]. Page 69: Resetting The File Number Select a day for the [Auto Create] option and a time in the [Time] option displays when the specified time arrives.

Some methods, depending on the OS used, may not be available. Underwater Appropriate for shooting images with Waterproof Case WP-DC4 (sold separately). This mode uses an optimal white balance setting to reduce bluish tones and record images with a natural hue.

canon ixus 60 manual pdf

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