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After all we love the Sicilian because it offers tangled play with much greater chances to score than the Ruy Lopez or the Russian Game. Unlike most authors, Rizzitano indeed pays some attention to the endgame, presenting instructive and thematic examples.

Obviously this is a rather broad sense of the word ‘dangerous’, but the direction of the project should be clear enough. The Panov-Botvinnik Attack: Move-by-Move A fierce weapon against the Caro-Kann. My Chess A fascinating look at chess greats and other important players who also made their mark. The Grünfeld is therefore a key hypermodern opening, showing in stark terms how a large pawn centre can either be a powerful battering ram or a target for attack.

Wells is more of an explanatory, verbose writer than a deeply analytical one, although naturally, as an experienced and tactically sharp GM he knows when there is no alternative but to plunge into complex variations. After 5… dxc4 6. Qxc4 0-0 7. e4, Black has several primary options: Hungarian Variation: 7…a6 [edit] The Hungarian Variation, 7…a6, has been championed by Peter Leko.

These are accompanied by quite extensive verbal notes, which are themselves informative and can be edited to form one’s own repertoire. The annotations are heavily verbal, although of course the most important variations are analysed. Following that are sets of books and disc products that complement each other, in the sense that material from one source may fill gaps in another. Quality Chess. ISBN 978-91-975243-4-6. Konstantin Sakaev, An Expert’s Guide to the 7.Bc4 Gruenfeld (Chess Stars, 2006) Yelena Dembo, Play the Grünfeld (Everyman Chess, 2007) Komarov, Dmitry; Djuric, Stefan; Pantaleoni, Claudio (2009). Chess Opening Essentials, Vol. 3: Indian Defences.

The Dynamic English The best English Opening repertoire book for amateurs. Foundations Of Chess Strategy: Applying Business Methods to Chess In this review, Watson gives it an unequivocal recommendation. Elements Of Chess Strategy Chess instruction by a famous coach.

That’s fair enough, and this line is presently popular at the top levels. Play The Ruy Lopez A White repertoire based on meeting 1.e4 e5 with the Ruy Lopez. My Best Games of Chess, 1908-1937 Reviewed by John Watson. An algebraic version (with added photos and crosstables) of Alekhines masterpiece. One of the most important sections is called ‘Strategy: typical pawn structures’ and is comprised of 14 pawn structure types illustrated by about 65 games. The video isn’t made for grandmasters, after all.

Home » Book Reviews » More 2006 Opening Books and Complements In this column I’ll look at two books from a new series. San Remo 1930 Alekhine dominates one of the greatest tournaments of all time. The defence was later adopted by a number of prominent players, including Vasily Smyslov, Viktor Korchnoi, Leonid Stein, and Bobby Fischer. Chess For Zebras An original work on chess psychology by grandmaster Jonathan Rowson.

The Caro-Kann A new, updated edition of Jovanka Houskas magnificent opening book. A charming book by Susan Polgar and Douglas Goldstein that mixes chess and investment strategies. Just what is the knight doing on d2 in such a position? Heroes Of Classical Chess More chess heroes, this time Carlsen, Anand, Fischer, Smyslov, and Rubinstein.

White can develop his pieces in a number of ways in the Exchange Variation. Wells not only sifts through modern theory to find the best continuations, but he makes numerous suggestions at key junctures, some based upon his own games. Oleinikov begins with «A Dozen White Brilliancies» and «A Dozen Black Brilliancies», a sort of mini-games collection of outstanding QID games. For example, I have been refraining from reviewing any book or product about the French Defence for years, since it might seem I’m putting others in a bad light compared to my Play the French book.

Most of the CD is organised not around deeply-analysed variations with game links, but around themes and elements of the game. Throughout Chess Explained: The Queen’s Indian Defence we find thoughts or tips of independent interest about broader chess philosophy. Aagaard cites no games or sources, which is fine, since a scholastic approach would ruin the smooth and pleasant atmosphere of the video. Inevitably, older variations and inferior moves are neglected; there simply isn’t enough room.

ths safest grunfeld pdf

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