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This free service allows you to convert files up to 100MB for free. The cheapest membership is $9/month where conversions are basically unlimited. In a pinch this site may come in handy. You only need a PDF file and a computer with Internet access to get started. After conversion you simply Right-Click on the link to “save link as” an RTF Word document on your PC. Use PDF Online Free PDF Services Free PDF Converter The final online service we will check out is Free PDF Converter.

Zamzar Arguably the most popular online file conversion site is Zamzar. For a full license of ABBYY Transformer it will set you back $99. Download PDF Transformer 2.0 Free PDF to Word Doc Converter Finally we get to the good part, the (sort of) FREE version. That’s why you need a quick access to PDF converter that can turn the document into Word, Excerl or JPG file. Zamzar will also convert a PDF to HTML, ODT, PCX, PNG, PS, RTF, and TXT. Use Zamzar Free Online File Conversion PDF Online Another great online service is PDF Online.

Also, they only let you convert one PDF every 30 minutes. This service is powered by BCL Technologies Easy Converter software which you can download a 30 day trial of if you or your company wants to convert a large number of documents.

This is similar to Zamzar but the free version is much more limited. I submitted the same 4 page PDF document for all tests and this service cut my document off after 2 pages. These are only a few of the services and software utilities available, what are some of your favorites?

Able2Extract Very powerful software that will convert your PDF to Excel, Word, HTML, Text, PowerPoint (PPT), AutoCad (DWG & DXF), Images, Open Office formats. When converting to a Doc the format can get pretty messy. PDF Online was the fastest, easiest to use,and produced the best quality conversions over the other online services. Just upload your PDF file and receive converted document to your email.

The only disadvantage of PDFtoWordconverter is that it only supports to convert one PDF file at a time. Its main character is called Gregor Samsa and it is from his surname that Zamzar is derived.[2][8] References[edit] External links[edit]. A: Quick Answer Convert a PDF file to a Word document using Adobe Acrobat, or use Zamzar without the need to install a program.

zamzar pdf to word

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