How to copy pdf on iphone

If you already have your brand-spanking-new iPhone, you are lucky. You can also add PDFs to your iTunes library on your computer by dragging and dropping the PDF into your iTunes Book library.

You can use iTunes File Sharing to transfer this type of file to certain apps, such as VLC, for example. After you do, you can tap the “Share” button and tap “Mail”. Safari will put the entire text of that article into an email, and you could email it to yourself.

Here’s how to back up the files from iPhone to PC without iTunes. You can also use iTunes to back up your PDF files. To transfer PDFs to your computer and back them up, transfer purchases from your iOS device to your computer.

Using it, you can transfer a collection of PDF file to iPhone at a time. All PDF or iBook files in your iBooks library are available to sync to your iOS device via iTunes. To sync a PDF from your computer to iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Select your iOS device. (Learn how to sync your data with iTunes.) Under Settings, click Books. Tap the menu at the top of the screen.Depending on which view you’re on, this menu might be called All Books, Books, PDFs, or the name of a collection you created.

Save the article to Pocket (or a similar app) and the application will download a copy of the article’s text and keep it offline. It’s a more powerful and robust solution than using the reading list feature in Safari or emailing the article to yourself. With iTunes File Sharing, you can sync files to your iOS device to use with specific apps. In the above example, I’ve added a PDF file to GoodNotes. This means you can easily use just about any cloud storage service that has an iOS app to sync your PDF files on your iPhone or iPad. If you’d rather transfer files to your device, that’s pretty easy too; just use iTunes.

how to copy pdf on iphone

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