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Octavia One of the attendants charged by the government with dressing and prepping Katniss for her public appearances, both during the Hunger Games and during her subsequent Victory Tour. Meanwhile, Fulvia and Plutarch arrive at the hospital. Katniss presses on only to Head of state Snow’s mansion house, which has actually been bordered by Capitol evacuee kids being made use of as human covers to secure Snow.

Collins illustrates Katniss’s new moral dilemma by describing her conflicted thoughts about Cinna: she’s newly suspicious of her once-trusted friends. After being brought to District 13 to take care of Katniss, Octavia is imprisoned and starved for stealing bread.

Flavius, Venia, and Octavia have “done” Katniss’s makeup throughout her two Hunger Games. Her desire to film Katniss in action is so… (read full character analysis) A resident of the Capitol who is sympathetic to the rebel cause, Tigris used to be a designer for the Hunger Games. Enobaria A former Hunger Games competitor and rebel who is arrested by the government.

Katniss notes, impressed, that Peeta seems to be the calmest and most self-controlled member of their mission. Gale and Peeta refuse to abandon Katniss in the middle of the tunnels.

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Finnick and several other members of the team are killed along the way. As they reach Snow’s mansion, Katniss sees to her sister, Prim, gets medical aid. They take their food to Greasy Sae, an old resident of District 12 whom Gale managed to save.

mockingjay скачать pdf
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