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Once the rule is found, notice that it parallels the left hand and right hand rules in vector algebra. Using a very basic mathematical transformation rule,2 these six permutations correspond to the six attributes of the heart in the following manner: mightbca loving-kindnessabc beautycab acknowledgmentbac victoryacb foundationcba This is the bare-bones correspondence and is very straightforward.

However, now let us note that given any three terms, their identification as a, b, and c is not arbitrary. Kabbalistic Permutation Theory Kabbalistic writings discuss the secrets of permutation,1 or, as we would call it in more modern terms, permutation theory. See Berachot 13a. Now, let us further explore this topic by introducing Kabbalistic permutation theory.

The goal of Kabbalistic permutation theory is to correctly correspond any three elements, let us call them a, b, and c, to the six emotivesefirot, from loving-kindness to foundation. The transformation for victory, acknowledgment, and foundation corresponds to the right-hand rule, resulting in a positive z-axis vector and indicating that these 3 sefirot point outwards. 3. Now, let us rewrite the above correspondence using more traditional Kabbalistic notation. Если Вы остались недовольны схемой, напишите нам о причинах недовольства. Конкурсы Реклама Статистика Онлайн всего: 9 Гостей: 7 Пользователей: 2PauNali, fghjkll.

Если какая-то схема Вам понравилась, и Вы решили попробовать вышить, то начинайте вышивку с наиболее важных/сложных/критичных участков. Given 3 distinct elements, a, b, and c, clearly, there are six possible permutations: abc, acb, bca, bac, cab, cba. Each of these permutations alludes to either part of a verse or to a Rabbinical idiom.

More specifically, the transformation used for loving-kindness, might, and beauty corresponds to the left-hand rule, resulting in a negative z-axis vector, indicating that these 3 sefirot are pointed inwards.

la-5141 pdf схема

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