Gema preliminary damage assessment training ppt

Following a natural or man-made disaster, the local emergency manager communicates with the Virginia Emergency Operations Center through participation in conference calls, periodic Situation Reports and requests for assistance. Within 72 hours of the event, the local government will provide a Cumulative Local Initial Damage Assessment Report, or IDA. The IDA is a summary of damages to homes, businesses and public infrastructure.IDAs are divided into two categories. The FEMA Damage Assessment Operations Manual is part of a greater effort to provide a user-friendly, streamlined post-disaster damage assessment process that builds on the existing knowledge and expertise of State or Tribe and local partners to identify damage after a natural or man-made disaster.

Eligible Tribes and U.S. territories are considered the same as States for application of FEMA programs; the Manual is aimed at clarifying FEMA damage assessment guidance, promoting standardized information collection, and assisting in the development of requests for federal disaster assistance. View a sample below.Assessments for the Public Assistance Program document damages to publicly owned roads, buildings and equipment, as well as estimates for debris management and emergency protective measures such as opening the local EOC and delivering generators to shelters. Form Instructions The PDA form is intended for use by the Preliminary Damage Assessment Team or by Local Government Officials in reporting disaster-related damages and costs incurred.

For each public facility with significant damage, or type of work with significant cost, provide a brief description of the damage and impact on the community. The team(s) conduct their assessments to fully understand how the disaster has and will impact you and your family.

The PDA report can also be utilized for planning and coordination in relation to the deployment of resources. Include in description of damages the dimensions, list of major components damages, and/or estimated quantities (labor,equipment, material) as appropriate and reasonably available. Let this person know about your interest in taking CERT training.Click here to take the course.CERT Basic Training Course MaterialsCERT Train-the-Trainer Course MaterialsCERT Program Manager Course MaterialsCERT Supplemental Training Was this page useful? Federal agencies may also accompany the teams to provide technical and resource support.

The completed forms are to be attached to the «Public Assistance, Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) — Consolidated» form. View a sample below.In addition, local governments can use an IDA Telephone Report to record citizen and business calls about disaster impacts. Job Aides that define DHS-FEMA disaster program damage categories are also available for download below.Training Presentations:Job Aides:Forms:. Also provide the approximate percent complete for the work and cost estimate.

Contact your local emergency manager to learn about the local education and training opportunities available to you. Report only those costs or damages which are the result of the disaster event and are the legal responsibility of the unit of government or eligible private non-profit organization.

Basic CERT training materials are available in Spanish, Low Vision, and Screen Reader formats. Following an emergency or disaster, the Governor requests PDAs as the first step to collecting information in the declaration process. This is NOT the damage survey report which results in funding, therefore, measurements are approximate, not to construction tolerance standards. The objective is to achieve a reasonably accurate estimate of the cost of damages.

Use the reverse side of site estimate form for sketches, discussion of basis for estimate, list of components and quantities, etc. as appropriate.

gema preliminary damage assessment training ppt
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