Wireless access point 7220 pdf

The TOE includes mechanisms so that the administrator can determine the TOE version and update the TOE securely using digital signatures and published hashes. There is an option for the administrator to verify the integrity of stored TSF executable code.

The administrator can include and exclude events to be audited based on specific criteria. Trusted Path/Channels: The TOE provides an encrypted channel between itself and third-party trusted IT entities in the operating environment.

The role must have the appropriate access privileges or access will be denied. The wireless user role has no access to the management interfaces. The TOE also protects itself against replay attacks using cryptographic protocols.

The Aruba Access Point appliances service wireless clients. The administrator is provided an interface in the operating environment to read audit logs and that interface is restricted. After an administrator-specified number of failed attempts, the user account is locked out. In addition, the password mechanism can be configured to have a minimum length of eight characters.

The Cisco WAP121 combines business-class features, such as support for IPv6, Wireless-N technology, Power over Ethernet (PoE), quality of service, advanced security, ease of deployment, and flexible mounting options. With these features, it delivers a reliable, high-speed wireless network and helps small businesses easily expand their wired networks.

Administrators as well as wireless users can also terminate their own sessions at any time. A warning banner is displayed at the management interfaces (Web GUI and CLI) to advise users on appropriate use and penalty for misuse of system. Resource Utilization: The TOE can enforce maximum usage quotas on the number of concurrent sessions available to a defined group of users (role). TOE Access: The TOE allows administrators to configure a period of inactivity for administrator and wireless user sessions. The TOE provides self-tests to ensure the correct operation of the cryptographic functions and TSF hardware. User Data Protection: The TOE ensures that any data packets passing through do not inadvertently contain any residual information that might be disclosed inappropriately.

Once that time period has been reached while the session has no activity, the session is terminated. This prevents unauthorized modification or disclosure of TSF data during transmission.

wireless access point 7220 pdf

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