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The Student’s Book and Audio CD’s are also available separately. The Speaking paper is often taken a few days before or after the Reading and Writing and the Listening papers. Get all the latest updates/lessons via email: Subscribe for free IELTS lessons/Books/Tips/Sample Answers/Advice from our IELTS experts. We help millions of IELTS learners maximize their IELTS scores! Fill In the information on the Course Booking Form.

You should go to bed early. 23 26. Test 2 PART 4 QUESTIONS 21-27 Read the article about Esther and then answer the questions. Part 2 has a longer conversation related to topics such as daily life, travel, work or free time. They are good for teachers, but also excellent for self-study. By Chozen Pazoki It’s a very useful book for learning the basics of English language (especially British E.). I communicate easily with English-speakers; but I’m learning a lot more using this book.

There are two examiners. but only one of them will talk to you. For questions 6-10, write a letter A-l-I next to each day. Free preparation materials, such as sample tests, are also available from the official website.

When the cold weather arrived in autumn, Bill flew to Virginia in the United States, 600 miles south of his home in Canada. This title contains four complete KET past papers from Cambridge ESOL, a useful exam overview and helpful guidance on tackling each part of each paper. For questions 16-20. mark the correct letter A-H on the answer sheet. EXAMPLE ANSWER I Ann: 279616, Ann Beaton speaking.

Esther A paid people to help her. 8 worked in a supermarket. C opened a shop. 25 28. Test 2 PART 5 QUESTIONS 28-35 Read the article about air travel. Candidates are expected to be able to read and understand simple written information such as signs, brochures, newspapers and magazines. For questions 21-27, mark A, B or C on the answer sheet. For example. you may have to speak about your school, job. hobbies or home town.

Bill left the geese in Virginia and he retumed home. Here you are. It doesn’t matter. It’s three o’clock. I think it’s Dave’s. I’m sorry I’m late. People started riding bicycles to work and in . … . … .. free time.

free download pdf cambridge ket test book
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