Global intermediate coursebook скачать pdf

Раздел Functional Language содержат речевые клише и стратегии устного повседневного, академического и делового общения. Key Features Range of activities to mirror the Coursebook’s focus on informaion-rich, intelligent topicsAudio CD of activitesGlobal Intermediate Workbook Companion Sites Latest Reviews. The reading texts are taken from a wide variety of sources. At higher levels learners are encouraged to interact with the text itself and read it more critically.

Written especially for middle school teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Teacher’s Guide has 11 activities divided into three units— force, electricity, and sound— topics found in nearly every physical science curriculum. Тренировочные упражнения представлены в формате PDF и могут быть распечатаны. Build a Band challenge Students build a four-stringed instrument and use it to play a tune.

Order a printed copy of the Teacher’s Guide You’ll need a PDF Reader to view these files. Electric Gamebox challenge Students invent a pinball-like game where their kick sticks hit a Ping Pong ball into a target that buzzes. Full Breezy Blimps unit Download PDF (784 K) Unit overview Download PDF (80 K) Sky Floater challenge Students make a helium-filled balloon hover and then, without touching it, move it around the room by varying air pressure.

Электронная рабочая тетрадь обеспечивает работу в аудитории и дома и включает аудио- и видеоматериалы с возможностью их скачивания, доступ к Macmillan English Dictionary онлайн, список слов, грамматический справочник, портфолио и многое другое. Blimp Jet challenge Students add a jet-propulsion system (i.e., a balloon) so their blimp flies under its own power. Making It Real: The Breezy Blimps Unit Students connect the unit’s science and engineering to their own lives and recognize engineering as a creative profession centered on designing things that matter and improving people’s lives. Subscribe to IELTS Material to receive the latest lessons Rate this book5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star User Rating: 4.3 (4 votes)Sending The following two tabs change content below.

Sky Glider challenge Using two helium-filled balloons, student teams build blimps that travel in a straight path across the room. You can also use String Thing at the end of the unit as a culminating activity, a review, or as an assessment of concepts and factors related to sound. Full Sounds Good unit Download PDF (916 K) Unit overview Download PDF (88 K) String Thing online game challenge Play String thing Use String Thing to give students experience manipulating the variables they’ll work with in Build a Band. Книга для студента также содержит грамматический справочник и тексты аудиоупражнений.

Each section (Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading) has a complete collection of lessons to help you improve your IELTS skills. Full Electrifying Games unit Download PDF (716 K) Unit overview Download PDF (80 K) Kick Stick challenge Students build a battery-operated «kick stick» that sends a Ping Pong ball zipping across the floor. Get all the latest updates/lessons via email: Subscribe for free IELTS lessons/Books/Tips/Sample Answers/Advice from our IELTS experts. We help millions of IELTS learners maximize their IELTS scores! Filled with intellectually-engaging content, Global enables students to learn through English and about English in its most international form.Global features a wide range of task types, with a focus on critical thinking throughout.

global intermediate coursebook скачать pdf
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