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The towing cable (or, hawser) is not fast. The second part is an index. It consists of a general vocabulary and a geographical indpx. It is arranged alphabetically.

Available online 25 March 2002 Show more Choose an option to locate/access this article: Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Zanzibar. —Cent ^TE ATF ATG ATH — Centavo . ‘ Centesimo . Centime Centime — Condor . — Conto — . Argentina. Denmark. names) . Turkey (with Turkish names), j Ecuador.

Kilogramme) BAQ Dutch Metrical. —Pound ah ^ i United States and i-ouna (ID.; -j Q^^^^ Britain. — Pud, or. The third part gives lists of the United States storm-warning, life-saving, time- signal, and wireless telegraph stations, and of Lloyd’s signal stations of the world. It also contains semaphore and distant signal codes and’ the United States Army and Navy and Morse Wigwag Codes. (3) CONTENTS. Page. Millime- ter .._AWP Greek Metrical, f Egypt. I Morocco. ] Tripoli. I Tunis. [Turkey.

Starving. — Vessel indicated in distress ; wants imme- diate assistance. — Vessel indicated appears in distress. — With immediate assistance fire can be ex- tinguished. Country or System. -Measure of Cubic Capacity, or. Milliliter Metrical. or Kybos Greek Metrical. -Minim …A United States and I Great Britain.

Belgium. , , Great Britain (permissive) . . Roumania. Wish to get a rate for my chronometer. Signals about— 1 Meaning when made— By tlie ship towed. By the ship towing. Sail. X Y — Make sail. — Set fore and aft sails.

Leang, or, Tael-.AVC China. ‘Leo, or, Leu Eoumania. or Dinar Servia. or Lev, or. Full text of «International code of signals» 1 \ \ \ — H FROM THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS ^: 2. 37 351 ^UP^hf^l* ■ g 506 Rev. Signal. ATI ATJ ATK ATL ATM ATN ATO ATP ATQ ATE, ATS ATU ATV ATW ATX ATV Coin. -Dime Dinar (see Leo) aub -Dollar . -Doubloon. -Drachma . -Ducat Cowniry.

Fire gains rapidly; take people off ng — Fire in hold amongst the cargo. Help Save to Mendeley Save to RefWorks RIS (for EndNote, ReferenceManager, ProCite) BibTeX Text Citation Only Citation and Abstract Close This document does not have an outline. Cable * \ United States and ^ «( Great Britain.

Please enable JavaScript to use all the features on this page. Bunder Dutch Metrical. or Djerib Turkish Metrical. -Mou —China. -Square Centimeter-. Metrical. Magnetic bearings are compass bearings corrected for deviation only.

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