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After arranging the suitable conditions the seed of each species of the vegetation was so constituted that as soon as it received favorable soil, water, air and season, vegetable life should begin stirring within it. There will be a terrible blast and everyone will fall dead at the spot. The only object of their struggle against you is that you should adopt the right way.This verse also is one of those verses which clearly prove the existence of barzakh.

These people are behaving as their humble servants. First, whatever a person does, good or bad is entered in the divine register. And when the influence of the Prophet’s teaching dies out, or the teaching is tampered with, the appointment of another Prophet becomes inevitable. The real object of your preaching, therefore, should be to search out and collect this second kind of the people.

For when Allah wills otherwise the same forces which were serving man turn against him suddenly and he finds himself utterly helpless before them. To call man’s attention to this reality, Allah has presented the case of the sea journey only as an example. This shows that the period of time between death and Resurrection is not a period of nonexistence altogether, as some ignorant people think. This study lays the foundation stone of building a full corpus of the Holy Quran and a classifier of different verses, which can be used to prove the unity of the subject and different verse similarities. And in the Hereafter there awaits them a painful torment.

Even among the lifeless substances when different things combine with one another, a variety of compounds come into existence. The sections that differ from the main Mushaf we use today (Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim) have been highlighted in the PDF files. To download the complete Mushaf click here.

Some of them are the ones mentioned above, and some others those who are being mentioned in the next verse. This is the Full Quran recited by AbdulBaset AbdulSamad in the Qiraat of Warsh an Naafi’. A PDF file for each surah can be downloaded from here. Some people commit a sin while their heart is disagreeable and their tongue is invoking Allah for forgiveness, and they confess that they are committing an evil. The same has been happening for millions of years with perfect regularity, and no change has ever occurred in the phases of the moon.

The noble person did not wish Hell for his murderers but wished that they should believe and become worthy of Paradise. The vastness of the solar system in which our earth is included is such that its parent body, the sun, is 300,000 times bigger than the earth, and its farthest planet Neptune is at least 2,793 million miles distant from the sun. They are setting up and decorating their shrines; they carry out propaganda for them; they fight and quarrel with others for their sake. The identity of the messengers also is not known through any authentic means nor the time when they were appointed. To understand the purpose for which the Quran is narrating this story here, it is not necessary to know the names of the habitation and the messengers.

The true meaning of this verse can be determined only when man has attained the full and exact knowledge of the realities of the universe. But man’s knowledge is such that it has been changing in every age and what he seems to know today might change tomorrow. That is why, in reply to their question, arguments are being given for the possibility of the Hereafter. Had Allah willed, He would have sent down angels.

But their consciences recognized, and they also acknowledged before one another, that whatever they were uttering was false, which they were forging only to frustrate his mission. Now whatever calamity is befalling us is only because of you. The basic composition of matter itself has become possible due to the close affinity between the positive and the negative electric charges. Such people are the worshipers of Satan from outside as well as from inside. (Tafsir Kabir, vol. VII, pp. 103-104).That is, If you had been deprived of reason and you had served your enemy instead of your Lord, you could have the reason to offer an excuse.

sora e yaseen pdf

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