Fundamentals of petroleum refining pdf download

Learn about the petroleum industry from its origin to customer’s doorsteps and test your knowledge. This self-study package includes a 500-question open-book test.

However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Purchase the Fundamental of Petroleum Certificate Program made up of the book with an Online Assessment.

Tel. 905.522.0012 ex.205 Email: Nick Reid, Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships, OCWATel: 416.775.0545 or Email:. Divided in five parts for usability and includes an index. A separate Online Assessment is available for additional purchase.

AbstractFundamentals of Petroleum Refining provides a thorough and balanced introduction to refinery engineering topics, from basic concepts and unit operations to overall refinery economics, planning and control. The most comprehensive manual of its kind geared toward the broad spectrum of workers involved in today’s petroleum industry. The book covers important topics, such as clean fuels, gasification, biofuels, and environmental impact of refining, which are not commonly discussed in most refinery textbooks.

Glossary terms are provided in the new edition of A Dictionary for the Oil and Gas Industry, 2nd Edition, also available for separate purchase. ISBN 0-88698-231-6. 2011. 720 pp. The book includes topics such as clean fuels, gasification, biofuels, automation, environmental impacts as well as planning and scheduling of refinery operations.

Throughout the source, problem sets and examples are given to help the reader practice and apply the fundamental principles of refining. For items shown below: add one to cart now, then adjust quantities after clicking Check Out.

fundamentals of petroleum refining pdf download

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