Wieland gst18 connector pdf

Fully flight cased 24 channel Touring dimmer. 24 channels of Dimming and 24 channels of HotPower. 13 Amp circuits. PTFD control giving the ability to control inductive and low power loads. 100% duty cycle operation using temperature controlled fans. The new e24V3, continuing this family tradition, now comes complete with 24 channels of both Dimming and HotPower distribution enabling you to power Lighting, Video, Special FX and Sound systems all from the one box!

All the patch leads are fixed to the unit — they can’t be lost or left at the shop. 63A CEE form input connector option e24V3 Packed and ready for action. All there is left to do is to set your show patch before the e24V3 hits the road and starts earning its keep. Show product in print catalog To the catalog view …Here you will find more information about this product in the print media from Wieland Electric.

The front and rear covers that accommodate the patch are removable, and with castors fitted they clip together to create a wheeled dolly. And remember that you can now also pack the bar fridge/coffee maker case due to the extra room in the truck. The LSC e24 series of self-contained touring dimming systems has always offered innovative features.

Plethora of output connector options including Socapex and Harting (Wieland). Selection of power input connectors. LCD touch screen for menu driven operation. The e24V3 24-channel Dimmer system represents an exciting move towards total dimming packaging, providing a complete solution for pre-show set up, transportation and storage. Internal scene storage for static operation (no console required) Built-in 5-way fully opto-isolated DMX splitter.

Retaining all of the smarts of its predecessors, including CCT (current control technology) and PTFD (pulse transformer fired dimming), e24V3 can power a vast array of items directly. How easy it is to patch in the shop? P. 4 3503002502001501005000,0 50,0 100,0 150,0 200,0 250,0 300wieconTHR solder jointSolder joints made with the THR process differ fromthose made by other manufacturing processes due to thenature of the process involved.

wieland gst18 connector pdf

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