Hadfield jill. elementary grammar games pdf

The player with the information deliberately withholds it, while others guess what it might be. Arrange themselves in correct order of the story.

You will also need to copy and cut up one set of word collocation cards per pair. GAME 2 No materials. GAME 3 Mentally divide the number of students in your class by two. Прекрасное пособие для организации парной и групповой работы, а также игры и задания для всего класса. Two specialised copying techniques are called for in this book. Make one copy per group. NOTE: It’ you don’t want your students to practise all the words, simply select the cards you feel are appropriate.

Exchanging and collecting games are an extension of this. How do we expect our students to remember them? Narrative tenses news story (202)Complete the news story by putting the verbs in the correct tense.

You would need to give every student a sheet of paper and instruct them how to divide it up into squares. All three games in each unit could therefore be played in an average lesson. Combining activities are those in which the players must act on certain information in order to arrange themselves in groups such as families or people spending holidays together. Memory 3 page 17 Pages 17 — 52Large classroom pic.

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, etc. My colleague Gill Porter Ladousse organized a teachers’ group called UPLEGGES. It actually stood for something very serious: Union Pedagogique pour L’Enseignement de… something or other. Students can then work with the person sitting next to them for pair work, and groups of threes and tours can easily be constituted by alternate pairs moving their cliairs to the inner side of the U, opposite another pair. Matching-up games are based on a jigsaw or *fitting together’ principle. Then either dictate to the students what to draw or write in each square, or make large drawings of the cards on the board for them to copy.

Listening — students guess the questions and then ask partner Photocopiable resource books 8 — Alien Page 8 Witnesses role play. For example, Game I in most units requires a set of cards for each pair of students in the class. Tippex out the outlines of the furniture you don’t want. (For the game to be fair, there should be an equal number of items in each room! ) Then use this as your master.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Iamp, rug, sidehoard, table bedroom: bed, chcst of druwcrs, dressing table, mirror, ivardrohe bathroom: both, bathroom cabine! , showcr, toilet, washbnsin Structure: be, have got, need, urould like Materials and preparation GAME l Copy and cut up the flat plan and the furniture cards. Which group has the largest number of jobs? GAME 3 Communicating whole class search game Iobsearch ‘ Give every student in the class a job picture card. The structures have been kept to an elementary level and are for each game what a student at this stage could reasonably be expected to know.

The 3 strips marked * can be removed if necessary. Ss get one strip each. Remember to copy the cards on both sides.

hadfield jill. elementary grammar games pdf

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