File viewer pdf для joomla 2.5

Functionality It seemed to be easy to install and use. Select whether you want to open the file in the same window or a new window from the “Target” drop-down menu. Documentation It was not immediately clear where the documentation resides, but once the plugin has been installed, it will tell you. I used this to: Publishing newsletters directly on the website.

Ease of use not relevant as it doesnt work for me Support Documentation I used this to: Displaying urgent public notices. The only drawback being that any blog views that show up look bad as every doc has the scroll bars/border. Functionality Seems not to be working completely in Chrome Ease of use very simple to use Support none! I used this to: I could not use it for it seems not to be working in Chrome. A complaint that others also encounterd, who tried to use it.

Can show images, videos, Flash objects, web pages and other content. Join the Stack Overflow Community Stack Overflow is a community of 6.8 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.

Just follow these steps to get yourself rolling. Choice the menu Extension > Plug-in Manager Search «Document- Pdf Render» or use the search filter Type : document Click now on Document- Pdf Render row statu to enabled it You can now set your preference and customize your PDF default Output. This is how you insert a PDF file using the Joomla core.

The path is actually given to you after uploading the file. In our case, the path was /pdfs/my-pdf-file.pdf. Create some text, such as “download my awesome Joomla pdf file here”, or highlight some text you wish to associate with the file and click on the cable/link icon on the toolbar. Support I haven’t had to use support yet. Return to home Page I cannot install the PDF library.

Once you read the short documentation it’s a breeze Documentation Functionality I tried this (version 2.1) on a Joomla 3.4.3 site and couldn’t make it work. I tried embedding via the embed button or typing the url. Select the file in the File Browser, and select the «Insert» button. Back in the «Link» window, the URL field will contain the pathway for Joomla to access the image. While emailing PDF documents is very common, you can also embed PDF files in a web page.

Just insert a tag in any article with the required address. Functionality It does exactly what I was looking for Ease of use You do need to read the documentation to fully understand how to use this extension. More over, you don’t need to find and pay for different Joomla! extensions such as Joomla! table extension, tabs component, accordion plugin, lightbox addons, Joomla! news and image slider, CSV and database extension and other.

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