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Handle won’t release when coin is inserted Cheap pot adjusting tool (good for adjusting CC series comparitors) PM Schedules and Logs Preventative Maintenance — Keeping track of what needs to get done. Seven Keys to the Successful Slot Floor — What are the secrets? Understanding Diodes, Transistors and Other Semiconductors — Of all the basic skills and procedures in electronics, none is more important than the ability to test parts like diodes and transistors.

Page 16 Quick & Simple Repairs # 30 Page 24 What Kind of Slot Machine Technician Are You? Why not just a normal DC power supply? Repair Log — Kevin Noble keeps a repair log. Do you? Introduction to the Oscilloscope — What is it?

The Ambassador, the Slot Tech and You! — Trying to be in two places at once is pretty much standard operating procedure for a slot tech. So is constant contact with our customers, the gaming public. Page 26-Subscriptions & Back Issues Subscriptions and Order Form April 2011 (low resolution) April 2011 (high resolution) Page 3-Editorial Page 4-Preventative Maintenance on your Slot Floor Page 10-I’ll Drink to That! How Monitors Work — The first of a multi part series, this month featuring the basics of how video slot monitors operate. John Green tells us how he does it.

Таким образом, понятие “протокол” входит в понятие “интерфейс”. Протокол – это набор команд и правил. TechFest II Information — Enrollment form for the January 9th — 11th event. Lightning Strikes but You Can Strike Back! — Are you ready for this year’s electrical storms?

Removable Core Cam Locks — Ease the pain of losing a slot machine key June 2001 (low resolution) June 2001 (high resolution) Introducing the MOSFET — Modern switching power supplies require transistors that are fast, fast, fast! Версия 1.5. / rar, размер: 227.48 kB/• CashCode CCNET Controller Program TestCCNET V219 Программа та же. April 2001 (low resolution) April 2001 (high resolution) Premier Issue Editorial Swaptronics — Slot techs have one supreme advantage over technicians in most other disciplines of electronics: The easy ability to swap modules between machines in order to determine where the problem lies.

cach code протокол .pdf
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