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Eine neue bemerkenswerte Technologie von Alpine, die die Sound-Qualität steigert. Ein integrierter Verstärker mit 4 x 50W sorgt für hervorragende Klangqualität und ausreichend Reserven für eine dynamische Klangwiedergabe. Ein extrem hochauflösender 24-Bit-D/A-Wandler sorgt für eine außergewöhnlich ausgeglichene und akkurate Wiedergabe Ihrer digitalen Audio-Quellen. Store six different tuning presents (such as bass, acoustic, etc.) on the computer for later selection or for use to tune different vehicles.

You get 10 bands for each of the five channels, plus five for the subwoofer, with detailed Q settings and gain from –12 to +12dB. MediaXpander+ This exclusive Alpine technology restores sound quality that is lost in the recording or transmission processes. Mit Modellen, die mit dem MediaXpander ausgestattet sind, können Sie den Klang verbessern und wiederherstellen und somit erstklassige Qualität erleben. Bluetooth ist eine drahtlose Verbindung zwischen Ihrem Bluetooth-fähigen Mobiltelefon und einer Alpine Head Unit.

MediaXpander+ is especially good for making compressed digital audio files from iPod or other media players sound better. It is also effective for older recordings on CD, and improves the bass from factory-installed speakers. True 5.1-channel Surround Sound Enjoy true 5.1-channel surround sound just like your home cinema system. By buying this product you’ll earn up to 700 Rewards points.

Extensive EQ Capabilities The PXA-H800 provides either graphic or parametric equalization. Auf den MP3-kompatiblen Audiodecks können auf CD gebrannte MP3-Titel abgespielt werden. You can connect Nokia (Symbian™) phones via USB port to play back the music stored on your phone. Sign up for an account now, or after you complete your purchase (you’ll get credit for the points either way). Sign up for a Crutchfield account.

Mit dem Parametrischen Equalizer können Sie verschiedene Frequenzen, die in unterschiedliche Bänder aufgeteilt sind, individuell an Ihre Hörgewohnheiten anpassen. Podrá realizar un sistema de 4 canales + subwoofer o un sistema de 2 canales en activo + subwoofer. El DAC de 24 bits,de altísima resolución, le ofrece una reproducción extraordinariamente refinada y precisa de sus fuentes de sonido digitales. Questo famoso formato compresso permette di conservare una grande quantità di musica in un singolo CD. I modelli con MediaXpander vi permettono di migliorare e ripristinare la piena qualità del suono. Time Correction and Digital Crossover Digital high pass and low pass filters allow you to set slopes from 0 to –36 dB/oct. with gain from –24 to 0dB. You can customize your system with the exact frequency crossovers you want.

Questo consente un audio superiore ed una riproduzione dinamica del suono. You can connect Nokia (Symbian™) phones via USB port to play back the music stored on your phone. Desfrute da mais moderna reprodução de música com tecnologia que analisa e corrige problemas acústicos inerentes ao automóvel.

Leave all of your factory control intact and upgrade to signature Alpine sound. The software optimizes the sound stage, tonal balance and definition automatically. There’s no need for separate line output converters. Earn one point for every dollar you spend on gear from us.

È possibile utilizzare queste uscite per collegare amplificatore alpine o subwoofer amplificati per costruire un sistema a 4 canali + subwoofer o un attivo a 2 canali + subwoofer. You can hear multi-channel sound from movie and music sources in the Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround formats. You can also control basic music playback functions. No need to shop for additional accessories. A cable to connect your iPod/ iPhone is supplied with the product.

alpine pxa-h100 pdf
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