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Recommended Settings: these are settings are recommended in your PHP configuration, but will not prevent Joomla! from being installed. Choose Default Language When the download is complete you can choose the default language for the Site and the Administrator interface. Time to check the configurations of your install and the environment of the installation.

Total completion time…less than 5 minutes. If you are using Joomla 1.5 the steps are exactly the same, just your Media Manager location may be different. You can find this in your admin control panel quick icons or in Joomla 2.5 you can find this in your admin area under — content -> media manager, and in Joomla 1.5 – site -> media manager.

Use a FTP Client to transfer the Joomla! 3.x files to your server. Functionality Hi Its working fine except update the existing .While updating the existing file Ease of use The error shows The most recent request was denied because it contained an invalid security token.

Went to my live site to check the changes and a fatal error of some kind made the entire site blank.Scariest thing I’ve ever seen from an extension. Yes — this means when installation is complete, your Joomla! website will display the ‘Site is offline’ message when you browse to to view the home page. No — this means the site is live when you browse to to view the home page. Functionality This really ease the housekeeping of files While it may not fit in some use case, Attaching to the page is a simple and clear organization. Use My Profile in the Administration interface to change it later.

Thank you so much cocoo(Maik). Your plugin really helped. I had tried another one, which others had lauded with many praises, but I couldn’t get it to work. You can refer to the above instructions on how they may be changed. If everything is correct and all checks are passed, you may now click the Install button in the top right corner of the Overview page. This is the email address where you’ll receive a link to change the admin password.

For more information, see PHP configuration file file. Step 2: To help keep your PDF’s separate create a folder, using the create folder button on the bottom right, called “pdf” or whatever you wish to name it. Please make sure you are using a FTP client’s official release. These apply whether you have a dedicated server, a shared hosting plan server, or are installing a copy on a local computer for testing or development.

Again, this can be changed on the Site Global Configuration page at any time. The unmatched language packs will be offered as an update when the packs are updated by the registered Translation teams.

Location of database, localhost? Or a specific host’s server such as ? You can at this time choose to have the configuration settings emailed to you. If the Email Configuration choice is selected, the Email Password choice will appear. Just follow these steps to get yourself rolling. But don’t worry, inserting your PDF’s into your Joomla article is easier than it looks.

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