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Biocultural approach (1) Humans are a result of a combination of inherited (biological) traits and cultural (learned) traits. vii. Ethnological Soc., v 7 pt2: Ojibwa Texts (William Jones) 1919 NY Graphic Free UMichigan Amer Ethnological Society Publ of the Amer. Interdisciplinary science (1) Utilizes theories and methods from a wide variety of other fields 4. What Is So Different about Humans from Other Animals?: The Six Steps to Humanness a. Humans differ from other animals in several important ways. i. Bipedalism (1) Defined as walking on two feet ii. Theories can be modified by new evidence. e. If a theory proves absolutely true, it becomes scientific law. i. Examples: gravity, thermodynamics, and motion.

Linguistic anthropology (1) Studies the construction and use of language by human Societies (2) Language defined as a set of written or spoken symbols that refer to things iv. Data are used to test hypotheses. (1) Hypotheses explain, predict, and can be refuted. c. This process is called the scientific method. i. A way of knowing the world around us through observation ii.

Ethnological Soc., v13: Yuchi Tales (Gunter Wagner) 1931 Leyden Graphic Free UMichigan Amer Ethnological Society Publ of the Amer. Each person is a product of an individual life history. (1) Combination of genetics and environment (including social and cultural factors) 3. What Do Physical Anthropologists Do? a. Physical anthropologists have different research foci. i. Study of living people ii. Attempts to answer questions surrounding central tenet: What does it mean to be human? v. Application of anthropology to societal issues or concerns (1) Forensic anthropology vi. Empirical, or based on observation d. Theory is developed through the process of the scientific method. i. Theories are explanations of the way things work. ii.

StudyBlue is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the academic institution or instructor. Html Free NatPkServ Belisle, David W. The American family Robinson; The adventures of a family lost in the great desert of the West [illus.] 1854 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich Bellew, Henry Walter, 1834-1892 An inquiry into the ethnography of Afghanistan 1891Karachi PDF Kindle EPub Free UMichigan.

Connect Insight The first and only analytics tool of its kind, Connect Insight offers visual displays that provide at-a-glance, easy-to-decipher data on how your students are performing. Man from the farthest past [Smithsonian Science Ser. 7] 1930 NY Graphic Free UWisconsin Black, Sue, et. Ethnological Soc., v 6: Ten’a Texts & Tales from Anvik, Alaska w/vocabulary 1914 Leyden Graphic Free UMichigan Amer Ethnological Society Publ of the Amer.

Track performance across your entire section, or easily drill into data insights into an individual student, a particular assignment, or a specific class. Study of past people and past societies iv. Hunting (1) Group pursuit of animals for food v. Speech (1) The only animal that communicates by talking vi. Leonard Bloomfield) 1934 Leyden Graphic Free UMichigan Anthropological Inst. NY Journal of the Anthropological institute of New-York … Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich Anthropological Survey of India Bulletin, v 3 Graphic Free UMichigan Anthropological Survey of India Bulletin, v 4.

Archaeology (1) Studies past human societies (2) Focuses on material remains and the processes behind them iii. StudyBlue Introduction to Physical Anthropology 2011-2012 Edition † The material on this site is created by StudyBlue users. Ethnological Soc., v14: Dakota Texts (Ella Deloria) 1932 Leyden Graphic Free UMichigan Amer Ethnological Society Publ of the Amer. Ruth Bunzel] 1962 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia.

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