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Lower panels (b–d) show a static slice of the different stimuli that we used. The original hyperlink for the article now redirects to Columbia’s report, as well as a statement from the publication. That same day, a shortened version of the editor’s note, penned by Managing Editor Will Dana, was attached to the top of Erdely’s original story. Despite the serious errors made, the magazine decided that no one would be fired.

This specific case might have holes, but the aftermath outlined by Rolling Stone — skeptical reactions from officials, the difficulties in speaking up about sexual assault — has a familiar feel, an experience that has been echoed by victims at other college campuses. Figure 1 (a) Illustration of the congruent and incongruent condition.

Figure 3 Effects of congruence in all experiments over the same averaging interval, i.e., 140 to 290 ms after target motion onset. The first panel shows the average congruence effect across subjects (congruent − incongruent pursuit gain), while the bottom panels show individual data.

With its publication, we are officially retracting «A Rape on Campus.» A reread of «A Rape on Campus» brings a mixed bag of feelings. Even though you know where the story behind the story ends, Jackie’s account remains haunting.

That same evening, Rolling Stone deleted the UVA rape story from its website and replaced it with the full text of the Columbia School of Journalism’s findings. Bushman is both a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and the Gouverneur Morris Professor of History emeritus at Columbia University. What was initially left out from that note, however, were the Post’s and other media outlet’s criticism of the story.

Figure 5 Pursuit gain for incongruent (red) and congruent (black) conditions in Experiment 5, with blocked motion direction. Dana said: The report was painful reading, to me personally and to all of us at Rolling Stone. It is also, in its own way, a fascinating document — a piece of journalism, as Coll describes it, about a failure of journalism. The thin lines in the lower panels of (b, c) represent the between-subjects ± standard error of the mean. Figure 2 Results from Experiment 1. (a) The upper panel shows horizontal pursuit gain (eye velocity/target velocity) in a typical trial with a saccade occurring after about 150 ms. In our analysis, saccades were removed and the data were interpolated.

One magazine’s mishandling should not silence those stories and others from coming forward. Figure 4 Results from Experiment 4. (a) The upper panel shows pursuit gain, and the lower panel shows the difference between the no rotation condition and the incongruent (red), congruent (black), and incoherent (blue) conditions.

rolling stone pdf
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