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However, the superior quality of the master pattern paper and the clearly printed lines between sizes made the process even better. I will definitely order more patterns! I also know this ends my search for the perfect pattern company. I have found it here at Jalie. Residents of Taihae Valley are able to use the water for household chores; however, they must travel to one of three locations in the valley to pump drinkable freshwater for free from the islands water lens.

The composition, species richness, and patterns of distribution and abundance of foraminiferal assemblages from bay inlets, fringing reefs, nearshore and back- and fore-reef environments and generally around the Island were analyzed. Joanne KucinskasIllinois, USA I use Jalie patterns for all my dressmaking! They provided a very informative presentation that addressed freshwater sources, concerns, and future hydrology plans.

Strong spatial heterogeneity was found, with high variation in diversity, abundance, cover and community composition among stations. Papeete, Tahiti In Pape’ete we talked to Manuela Iaufoques, who works in the water department of the Center for Hygiene and Public Health. Many of the members of SPC are not actually from the French Polynesian islands (or other parts of Polynesia). Native Polynesian Islanders will respect policy and cooperate only if policy makers proceed in keeping certain moral principles.

The priority in many islands is to develop a better fresh water system. Personal interview. [76] Daniel, H. 2014. [77] Daniel, H. 2014. [78] Daniel, H. 2014. How to cite this entry:Juan Mayorga and Beauregard Marsh. 2014. «Climate Controls on Precipitation Patterns in French Polynesia.» Atlas on Sustainability of Polynesian Island Cultures and Ecosystems. Only unbiased, scientifically-supported advice will be used to make changes. The wide latitudinal range over which the islands of French Polynesia are located (7°S — 28°S) partially explains the different climate regimes and rainfall patterns observed between archipelagos.

Personal Interview. [73] Tetiarahi, E. 2014. [74] Thierry, A. 29 March 2014. Boutique worker, Avatoru, Rangiroa. These small islands have limited fresh water as it is, and natural disasters make it worse (e.g. storms and El-Nino/La Nina events)[66]. The plan put in place by SOPAC seems to be more hypothetical than actually organizing the specific actions which must take place. Both options consist of the same basic idea, to run pipelines from neighboring valleys whose water is potable.

There were over 1,000 cases of dehydration, drought-related skin diseases, and respiratory infections[54]. In cases like that of the Marshall Islands, rainwater is soon depleted, leaving only groundwater. Summary of Field Work Observations We spoke with various citizens and public officials regarding water availability, sources, current challenges and future plans in three different islands in French Polynesia: Tahiti, Rangiroa and Nuku Hiva.

This poses a problem as it is also the most heavily populated valley on the island. Our first interview was with Thierry Auber who ran a boutique in the village. He explained how rain catchments were common throughout the atoll. The plan points out what should be discussed between the different islands, and what would be the ideal situation for everyone. There is still the matter of the islands organizing and carrying out what SOPAC has proposed here.

Journal of Atmospheric Science. 56: 4032–4049. [27] Takahashi, K., and D. S. Battisti. 2007. “Processes Controlling the Mean Tropical Pacific Precipitation Pattern. However, the government is predicting that in the near future people will begin settling the other adjacent valley. While Taiohae Valley cannot drink their river water, they reported no issues or shortages with respect to their supply of ground water. This is especially the case for developing, low lying atolls.

Similarly, integrity and transparency are at the heart of this strategic plan[49]. Climate change has become a grave concern in the Pacific islands region. Rangiroa Upon our arrival in the atoll Rangiroa, we met with two gentlemen in the village of Avatoru who shared information regarding the atoll’s freshwater supply.

Tony DiazGeorgia, USA I use the leotard patterns. However, the French government has mandated that Taiohae Valley must be able to provide drinkable water to each individual home by the year 2015. Therefore, there are two possible plans currently being debated by the government in Nuku Hiva to meet France’s request.

Personal interview. [72] Tetiarahi, E. 24 March 2014. Handcraft seller at Papeete market, Tahiti. Updating their water systems will be a large undertaking; however, in comparison to other Pacific islands, they seem stable. Another distinctive feature of reef communities at Rapa is the high cover and dominance of macroalgae, particularly in the shallower parts of the surrounding platform, which probably explains the lower densities of coral colonies recorded there. Here, we met with the owner, Daniel Herlerre, who is an active member of the local government.

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